welcome to my first blog

September 21, 2010

well, i am a wood turner. wood turners use a lathe to spin wood. we shape it with various cutting tools. so my initials are kb and the rest of my blog title is now easy to understand.

i produce fine lidded boxes, christmas ornaments, chess sets and the occasional bowl or vase.  since i want to turn more items, i have to sell some so i can make more.

any day you get to make something is a great day. then you just have to make each one better than the last. it is all about the wood. each piece is like a birthday or christmas gift. you get to open it and find out what is inside. i can not believe i only replaced one switch on any of the three lathes i have owned, because i am constantly stopping to look at the wood. often i decide to stop turning where i am, rather than turn something i see in the wood into chips. sometimes the shape is determined by the wood itself.

i sell my work locally at a local art show, a craft show, and a gallery located in stillwater, oklahoma. my day job is teaching engineering technology at oklahoma state university. the blog is a tool for displaying current work, available work, and past work that has sold.